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Welcome Dr. Xiong Chen to our lab

报告题目:Design and  Synthesis of π-Electronic Covalent OrganicFrameworks

人:陈 (博士后,韩国基础科学研究院&日本分子科学研究所)

报告时间:201655 上午10



Covalent Organic Frameworks are a kind of novel porous crystalline materials and have exhibited considerable potential for many applications, such as gas adsorption and storage, photoconduction, sensing, heterogeneous catalyst, charge transport and separation, photovoltaic devices, energy storage, drug delivery, hydrogen generation and proton conduction, etc. However, the limits on monomers and synthetic reactions for the preparation of COFs have impeded further advances in this emerging field. To advance this emerging field it is important to expand the scope of building blocks and the types of reactions. This motivated us to explore the possibility of constructing functional COFs with novel π systems and explore novel reactions for the construction of COFs with new linkages.

Porphyrins are largeπ-electronic macrocycles with broad absorbance and have been widely employed for the construction of functional materials. However, the structural control and the ordering of molecular alignment of porphyrin derivatives in a multi-porphyrin system is difficult because of their low solubilities and strong interactions. Pyrene is another well knownπ-electronic building block has been widely utilized in the synthesis of materials with light-emitting, long lifectime, or high quantum yield properties. Construction of pyrene based COFs and explore the fluorescence property can extend the family of COFs with light-emitting functions.

This topic consists of the design and synthesis ofπ-electronic covalent organic frameworks, with an emphasis on the development of newπ-electronic molecular frameworks and extending the reaction for the formation of frameworks.1-6


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2010.10 ~ 2013.9 Ph.D. in chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Donglin Jiang at the
Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Sokendai)/ Institute for Molecular Science (IMS),
Doctoral dissertation: Design and synthesis of π-electronic covalent organic frameworks.
2006.9 ~ 2009.1 Master course graduate at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, China.
Major in Textile Chemistry and Dying and Finishing, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Qing Liao,
Diploma: Master of Engineering.
Master thesis: A study on the behaviors of chitosan solutions.
2001.9 ~ 2005.7 Undergraduate at the Dept. of Material and Engineering, Beijing Institute of
Fashion Technology, China, Major in Applied Chemistry, Diploma: Bachelor of Science.
Undergraduate thesis: Synthesis of N, N-diethyl urea surfactant.
Research Experience
2014.7 ~ now Postdoc research fellow under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Rodney S. Ruoff at the
Center for Multidimensional Carbon Materials, Institute for Basic Science, Republic of Korea,
focus on the synthesis and properties of new carbon and related materials, composite
materials and novel carbon fibers.
2013.10 ~ 2014.6 Postdoc researcher in Prof. Dr. Donglin Jiang’s group at the Institute for
Molecular Science, Japan, focus on the design, synthesis and functions of porous crystalline
covalent organic frameworks (COFs) and polymers.
2009.6 ~ 2010.9 Serve as a research assistant in Prof. Dr. Zhishan Bo's group at the state key
laboratory of polymer physics and chemistry of Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of
Science, focusing on the synthesis of conjugated molecules based on carbazole,
benzothiadiazole, thiophene backbones for the applications of polymer solar cell and device